Hartley Newnham

Countertenor Hartley Newnham is one of Australiaʼs finest singers, also known for the works written for him by composers such as Ross Edwards and Anne Boyd, as well as his own compositions.

Hartley Newnham performs music ranging from Troubadour songs to the avant-garde and jazz. Together with pianist Nicholas Routley, has premiered many new works including Ross Edwards' Maninyas I. He has performed and broadcast in many major European musical centres.

Performing as La Romanesca

A leading force in early music in Australia since 1978, La Romanesca has developed a special interest in the performance of mediaeval monophonic and polyphonic song, although the group's repertory spans the twelfth to seventeenth centuries.

Via Frescobaldi

17th century Italian composer Girolamo Frescobaldi was conservative in style and yet an innovator in many ways. La Romanesca presents some of his improvisatory toccatas, imitative polyphonic instrumental music, and songs from his 'arie musicale' of 1630.

Performer: Counter Tenor

Iberian Triangle

La Romanesca presents a portrait of the musical diversity of Spanish song in the period immediately preceding both the great expulsion and Columbus' great voyages. Music of christian, moorish, jewish Spain before 1492.

Performer: Countertenor, Percussion


Music from 12th and 13th century Spain. Features songs by Martin Codax, Marcabru and other unknown composers.

Performer: Countertenor, Percussion

Love lyrics and romances of Renaissance Spain

This is the first recording by early music group La Romanesca.


Performing as Les Six

The vocal group Les Six were formed specifically to perform mediaeval and renaissance repertoire in authentic style.

Hæc Dies

Easter at Notre Dame Paris, c1220. Music for Easter Sunday mass as it may have been heard at Notre Dame in Paris at the beginning of the 13th century, including the chant propers, a complete cycle for the ordinary in two-part settings in the Leoninus style and three-part organum in the style of Perotin.

Performer: Alto

A Florentine Annunciation - The Music of the 14th Century Vol. 4

The Music of the Fourteenth Century Series presents some of the earliest and most significant polyphonic settings of the lyric poetry of the late middle ages. Music for the Feast of the Annunciation performed by Les Six.

Performer: Director

Hartley Newnham also appears on

Phoenix Songs

Like the phoenix 'rising from the ashes', the recorder is presently enjoying somewhat of a renaissance itself. Six of Australia's well-known contemporary composers pair the recorder with piano, harpsichord, voice and live electronics.

Performer: Voice

Hartley Newnham is a member of

Ensemble of the Fourteenth Century

The Ensemble of the Fourteenth Century is a collective of specialist singers and instrumentalists brought together for the Fourteenth Century Recording Project. The ensemble was initially formed around the leading Australian mediaeval ensemble La Romanesca, which was expanded to provide the varied instrumental and vocal combinations required by the repertoire.