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Curiosities - Chamber Music by Eve Duncan

A collection of chamber music by Australian composer Eve Duncan. This new CD features recordings of her work performed by artists from Australia and overseas including the Australian National Academy of Music String Ensemble and Michael Kieran Harvey.

Eve Duncan said this about her composition, "Behind the material world one senses a deeper world of inspiration, mathematics, spiritual beings, living physical and psychological archetypes; a living, breathing reality of invisibility. Composition is the means by which I swim through this sea of complex activity, trying to understand what influences human, animal and mineral evolution.

My music is architecturally conceived; however I allow the individuality of specific musicians to strongly influence the compositional elements such as rhythm, harmony, texture and melody: they are a rich resource for the unfolding of the music."

Eve Duncan gained her Masters in Composition from the University of Melbourne with Brenton Broadstock and her Honours in Composition from Latrobe University with Keith Humble and Theodore Dollarhide. She was awarded the International Modern Music Award for Composition, Vienna.


Eve Duncan

Eve Duncan has composed chamber, orchestral and vocal music, and her work has been presented in many festivals in Australia, Asia and Europe.

Press quotes

“There is a Satie-esque quality to some of the works which is intriguing ... Michael Kieran Harvey's contributions deserve special praise.”

— Chris Latham, Limelight

“These discs feature both Australia and overseas musicians, who perform with accuracy and obvious enthusiasm. Curiosities is the perfect title for this collection of ecletic pieces and is well worth the discovery”

— Laura Matthison, 4MBS Program Guide

Audio previews

Track Listing

  1. The sun behind it, burning it... Eve Duncan 1:59
  2. Kyriotetes Eve Duncan 7:48
  3. Dragonfly Eve Duncan 2:02
  4. Runner of Light Eve Duncan 5:35
  5. Butterfly Eve Duncan 4:03
  6. The Bee Dance Eve Duncan 6:30
  7. Mosquito Eve Duncan 3:14
  8. Buddha Fantasy Eve Duncan 4:00
  9. Clarice Beckett Mornings I Eve Duncan 1:49
  10. Clarice Beckett Mornings II Eve Duncan 2:42
  11. Tiger Snake Eve Duncan Lisa Bellear 14:44

Disc 2

  1. Wave to the Depths I Eve Duncan 5:59
  2. Wave to the Depths II Eve Duncan 7:37
  3. The Crab Feast Eve Duncan 9:54
  4. Exusiai Eve Duncan 11:25
  5. Salamanders Eve Duncan 1:47
  6. Gnomes Eve Duncan 4:23
  7. Undines Eve Duncan 3:21
  8. Sylphs Eve Duncan 4:13
  9. Ariel Eve Duncan 6:18


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