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The Lord of the Rings, Volume 2

Here is the second volume of jazz composer John Sangster's classic epic musical interpretation of The Lord of the Rings. Originally a double-LP set issued by EMI over 25 years ago it has never been available on CD until now.

Musical styles range from Sangster's distinctive form of jazz, to film-like music interpreting characters and events from Tolkein's trilogy. This 2-CD set for the price of 1 CD includes 55 minutes of bonus interviews with John Sangster, Tony Gould, Graeme Lyall and Len Barnard.

Not to be confused with Howard Shore's music to the award-winning films, this trilogy is wholly Australian and was released on three double-LP sets by EMI over 25 years ago, later deleted and remaining unavailable for many years.

Written by the noted Australian jazz and film composer John Sangster, the series remains a highly ambitious and epic production. From trad jazz to film-like music, there's something on this special double CD for everyone. Plus there's extras galore for collectors including the original LP artwork (computer PDF files) and rare video footage of John Sangster in action.

So ... having read the book, visited the Ring website, and seen the film trilogy, you can now hear the jazz music: an essential album for any Australian jazz or indeed Tolkien fan.


John Sangster

John Sangster was one of the most talented Australian jazz musicians of all time, a technician and creator who embraced and understood more styles of music than any other.

Press quotes

“considered milestones of Australian jazz, these award-winning, long out-of-print recordings are at last being re-issued.”

— Gerry Kosta, Music Australia Guide

“[This volume has] a more percussive element to it, which renders the magic of the fantasy even more palpable. The music encompasses many jazz styles, with swing and blues very much to the fore, but some of the more esoteric or experimental moments contain harmonies not entirely dissimilar from the classical music utterances of Debussy, Ives or Antheil. Move's remastering ... is superb, replete with vivid and beautifully-balanced sound.”

— John Barnes, Libretto

Track Listing

  1. The O'Goblin Tattoo John Sangster 4:45
  2. The Misty Mountains John Sangster 6:10
  3. Beware the Barrow-Wight John Sangster 6:07
  4. Goldberry John Sangster 8:50
  5. Tom Bombadil John Sangster 5:09
  6. The Mirror of Galadriel John Sangster 9:55
  7. Blues for Denethor John Sangster 5:31
  8. Encore Gandalf! John Sangster 4:42
  9. Phantasmagoria for Moria John Sangster 4:30
  10. Longbottom Leaf John Sangster 7:17
  11. Farewell Lothlorien John Sangster 9:19

Disc 2

  1. The Glittering Caves John Sangster 5:41
  2. Fair Éowyn John Sangster 4:30
  3. Shelob's Lair John Sangster 6:28
  4. Thank you Perfessor ... John Sangster 7:09
  5. … Goodnight! John Sangster 8:20


Where to buy

The Lord of the Rings, Volume 2 is available for download from the iTunes Music Store.
It's available for streaming through Spotify and Apple Music.

The Lord of the Rings, Volume 2 is available as as CD. It can be purchased online through Buywell Music or the Australian Music Centre which both offer secure online ordering.

Move CDs can be ordered through music retailers across Australia including Readings.

Product details

List price
$25.00 AUD
Total playing time
104 minutes 23 seconds
Release date
© 1976 John Sangster
℗ 2004 Move Records
Australian, Jazz
Catalogue number
MD 3252
Alternate catalogue number
EAN 9314574325225