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On the Wings of a Butterfly

Cross-cultural music by Australian composers. The latest CD from Le Tuan Hung, featuring compositions by respected Australian composers and performers including Ros Bandt, Brigid Burke, Warren Burt and Deborah Kayser, was nominated for a 2005 ARIA Award.

Instruments, colours of tones, concepts and voices from many cultures are explored and combined to generate new musical entities that transcend the artificial boundaries between East and West.

In this collection, listeners will experience the exquisite vocals of Ria Soemardjo and Deborah Kayser in combination with the meditative sounds of the shakuhachi, the delicate voice of the Vietnamese zither dan tranh interlocking with the harmonics of the original Australian power pole bells, and waves of vibrant emotions in pieces for shakuhachi with harpsichord, and clarinet with Indian drums.


Deborah Kayser

Deborah Kayser performs in areas as diverse as ancient Byzantine chant, French and German Baroque song and classical contemporary music, both scored and improvised. Her work has led her to tour regularly both within Australia, and internationally to Europe and Asia. She has recorded, as soloist, on numerous CDs, and her work is frequently broadcast on ABC FM.

Anne Norman

Anne Norman is a performer, improvisor, composer and teacher of shakuhachi currently residing in Melbourne and working as a freelance artist in music-theatre productions, solo and collaborative recitals, broadcasts and recording work.

Le Tuan Hung

Le Tuan Hung is a composer, performer and author, specialising in Vietnamese music and experimental music of contemporary Australia. He is also the author of various publications on Vietnamese performing arts and is regarded as an international authority in Vietnamese musicology.

Ros Bandt

Ros Bandt is a composer performer and sound artist who is passionate about combining ancient and modern sonic practices. Her sound research has included building a medieval Pythagorean recorder and she directs the Australian sound design project on line at the Australian centre, The University of Melbourne.

Brigid Burke

Brigid Burke is a composer, clarinet soloist, visual artist, and educator. She has performed extensively in solo and chamber recitals, both nationally and internationally. She has also presented her musical ideas and concepts as a performer, composer and creator through workshops, lectures and master classes.

Wendy Couch

Wendy Couch has presented solo recitals and concertos in Australia and the US. As a freelance percussionist she has performed frequently with the Melbourne Symphony, Australian Pops Orchestra, Canto Coro and the Australian Boys Choir.

Peter Hagen

Peter Hagen majored in pianoforte and harpsichord at the Conservatorium of Music, Melbourne University. He furthered his studies in the Netherlands learning from Bob Van Asperen, Jacques Ogg and Ton Koopman.

John Britton

John Britton is the artistic director of quiddity theatre, scriptwriter and performer. He has been writing and performing original performance works since completing his MA in 1988.

Warren Burt

Warren Burt has worked in academia, education, radio and as a composer, filmmaker, video artist, writer and community-arts organizer. He has written probably far too many works for instruments, electronics, voice, video, theater, prose, poetry, et cetera. His works have been performed and shown in the USA, Australia, Europe and Japan.

Audio previews

Track Listing

  1. Unde (Traditional) Deborah Kayser Anne Norman 6:44
  2. On the Wings of a Butterfly (2004) Le Tuan Hung Ros Bandt 11:17
  3. Adrift (2005) Anne Norman Ria Soemardjo 6:05
  4. A Song for Sky Bells (2005) Le Tuan Hung 9:59
  5. Pound Bend - Yarra River Dindy Vaughan 3:10
  6. Wimmera River - Lake Hindmarsh Dindy Vaughan 5:54
  7. Grit (2004) Brigid Burke 8:23
  8. Poems of Rewi Alley (2003) Warren Burt

  9. Dedication 3:11
  10. The Family Supper 2:26
  11. The Way Ahead for Youth 2:57
  12. The First Eighty Years 2:34



Ria Soemardjo

Ria Soemardjo’s distinctive vocal style is shaped by her love of traditional Asian music as well as an inventive and eclectic approach to improvisation. Curious about her father’s love for the haunting songs of his traditional Javanese heritage, Ria has studied this vocal style characterised by non-western tunings and highly complex vocal ornamentation.

Dindy Vaughan

Dindy Vaughan is a composer, environmentalist, organiser, writer and educator. Her music is frequently performed live and has been broadcast on 3MBS FM and the ABC. Happiest in the thick of artistic, intellectual but above all practical, activity, she thrives in social groups where imagination and creativity combine with plenty of grass roots growth in a hurry.

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Recorded at the Move Records Studio, Melbourne Australia.

(track 2)

This recording project has been assisted by the Commonwealth Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body.

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Le Tuan Hung
Baker Street Studios (tracks 1, 3, 5 and 6)
Move Records Studio (track 2)
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Classical, Cross-cultural
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