Leonard Bernstein

Larger-than-life Lenny - a phenomenally gifted composer, conductor, teacher, performer; an unflaggingly enthusiastic, brash, enormously complex musician; a man dedicated to breaking down personal, political and musical barriers between people.

In 1947 he extended his hand to the Jewish people in Palestine by conducting the Palestine Philharmonic Orchestra. In 1959 he helped "lift the Iron Curtain in music" (Aleksander Medvedev) in an historical concert tour to the Soviet Union with the New York Philharmonic. He proclaimed his deeply held belief in universal brotherhood - in words on the 40th anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima, and in music at the historic dismantling of the Berlin Wall in 1989.

But it is above all in breaking down musical barriers that the world will remember him. Bernstein's career was based on two beliefs: 1) Music is fun. 2) Music matters. He confounded those who would keep "serious" music the province of the elite. He gave us the timeless melodies of West Side Story, revealed the delights of "serious" music to the young, and inducted modern audiences into the mysteries of Beethoven, Brahms and Mahler. In a word, he infected young and old, connoisseurs and the uninitiated with his overwhelming love of music.

Compositions by Leonard Bernstein appear on

Our Favourite Things

This is the first Ted Vining Trio CD release since the passing of bass player Barry Buckley in 2006. His replacement Gareth Hill, along with Bob Sedergreen and Ted, recorded this album following a very successful tour of jazz venues around south-east Australia during August 2015.


Seasons of Love

This CD combines a jazz trio, a string orchestra, and various featured instrumental soloists, not to mention the vocal talents of Gian Slater and Eddie Perfect. Graeme Lyall has provided superbly rich arrangements of songs from the Great American Songbook in addition to other notable tunes.


The Cello and the Mockingbird

Improvisations on beautiful melodies. Cellist Imogen Manins joins forces with Tony Gould (piano) and David Jones (percussion) for this very special new release from Move Records.


River Story

Jazz pianist Tony Gould joins with one of the most talented guitarists/composers in Australia, Peter Petrucci, and together they play a mix of original pieces and standard repertoire.


Bon Voyage!

Igor and Olga Piano Duo take the listener on a first-class musical journey, with their debut CD Bon Voyage, featuring inspirational piano duo pieces from around the world.


Liquid Crystal

Luke Carbon (clarinet) and Alex Raineri (piano) present a varied collection of music by composers Brahms, Berg, Beach, Bernstein and Gyger.


Rhythm of Life

A delicious blend of highlights from Broadway shows, popular music theatre, traditional songs and operatic hits.