Mark Pollard

Australian composer Mark Clement Pollard has an eclectic compositional style utilising such diverse materials as, improvisation, jazz, pop and the indigenous music’s of South East Asia.

His works have been commissioned by Elision, Pipeline, the Astra Choir, the Australian Chamber Soloists and Michael Kieran Harvey, among others.

From 2010 site specific elements feature in many of his collaborative works. This has included resonating Spaces Projects in Vancouver, Edinburgh, Beijing, Singapore and the Cook Islands and in Australia installation projects with the Melbourne ZOO, The Melbourne Museum, Scienceworks, The Melbourne Zoo and the Royal Melbourne Hospital. Mark is Professor Interactive Composition at the University of Melbourne.

Currently teaching composition at the Victorian College of the Arts, Mark Pollard completed a Masters degree at La Trobe University and has been awarded several prizes. These include the 1993 Spivakovsky Award, the 1992 Maggs Award and finalist in the Third Tokyo International Composition Contest, 1988.

Press quote

“[Pollard's] eclectic style embraces diverse influences such as collaboration, improvisation, jazz, pop, minimalism and the indigenous music of South-East Asia.”

ABC 24 Hours

Performing as Gongworks Gamelan

Gongworks was set up in 1997 by Mark Pollard to create new work through the fusing of cross cultural and cross media materials. Sound, theatre and ritual are essential elements in a Gongworks performance. More about Gongworks Gamelan

A Handful of Rain

Inspired by the Gamelan and Japanese Shinto music, the recent ambient work of Mark Clement Pollard is unique in its pursuit of beauty and simplicity. A Handful of Rain is the first comprehensive collection of this acclaimed Australian composer's popular style.


Compositions by Mark Pollard also appear on


This CD brings together collaborations between Japanese violinist Miwako Abe (Pollard, Okamoto), Melbourne cellist Alister Barker (Pertout) and MKH, with solos especially written for him by Gabriella Vici and Andrian Pertout. The title Shichiseki is from the duo violin and piano work by Japanese composer Kanako Okamoto and is the Japanese Star Festival held on 7th July, coincidentally MKH’s birthday.


Flute Perspectives 2

Derek Jones (flute) and Cameron Roberts (piano) present a program of new Australian works composed by Anne Boyd, Stuart Greenbaum, Rohan Phillips, Mark Pollard and Richard Meale.


Flute Perspectives

Flautist Derek Jones, and pianist Leigh Harrold present this anthology of contemporary Australian Flute Music.


Astra 60

This CD captures a concert of Australian piano music given in celebration of Astra's support of Australian music and artists. For 60 years the Astra Chamber Music Society has presented new Australian music and Australian performers within a context of international new music developments, always informed by cultural perspectives.


Broadway Boogie

Broadway Boogie is a collection of new music for piano featuring works by Nigel Westlake, Andrew Ford, Andrew Byrne, Mark Pollard and Michael Kieran Harvey. It won the best classical CD of 2008 in Melbourne's Herald-Sun.


Ambient Voice

Ambient Voice features Dean Frenkel's haunting harmonic vocals strategically placed over and within the music of outstanding Australian composers, including Mark Clement Pollard, George Dreyfus, Andrew MacGregor and the group Invention in Time.



Composer and keyboardist Linda Ceff presents an album of past and present inspirations juxtaposed against her own fascinating contemporary compositions.


Torquing Points

An exciting juxtaposition of 20th century Australian and 19th century European musical styles. Gordon Kerry's 'Torquing Points for String Quartet' and Mark Pollard's 'The Quick or the Dead' are approachable and lyrical pieces that fit well with this CD's classical works.


Contemporary Australian Piano

A valuable collection of Australian compositions for piano, by some of Australia's most respected and inventive composers and performed by pianist- composer, Larry Sitsky.


A Sympathetic Resonance

Peter Constant plays classical guitar music by Australian composers. With Marion Schaap (guitar), Mardi McSullea (flute) and Helen Noonan (soprano).


Dusting Off Roses

The debut recording of piece for two guitars by Australian composer Mark Pollard, recorded by Z.O.O. Duo - Peter Constant and Marion Schaap.