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Concordia Mandolin and Guitar Ensemble

Formed in 1978, the Concordia comprises approximately 24 members playing mandolins, mandolas, guitars, mandocello, Double bass and piano accordion. 2 other titles

Melbourne Mandolin Orchestra

The Melbourne Mandolin Orchestra was formed in 1967 by Peter Evans and Josef Ruecker. Their aim was ‘to develop and maintain a mandolin orchestra in Melbourne’. As well as performing regularly, the group organises summer schools, trips from overseas groups, trains new players, holds musical workshops & master classes, and commissions music. 2 other titles

Mandolin Christmas

Christmas songs for mandolin orchestra. Arguably Australia's most acclaimed mandolinist, Kurt Jensen performs an international programme of sparkling and entertaining Christmas carols.

Melbourne Mandolin Orchestra

A fine disc of easy listening from the prize-winning Melbourne Mandolin Orchestra featuring soloist Slava Grigoryan.

Mandolino Italiano

Music from Italy, including a fantasy on La Traviata.


The album explores the many combinations throat singing can be presented with. Dean Frenkel has combined his throat singing with a 27 piece childrens choir, guitar and mandolin, with Australian birds, with contemporary piano, in duet with vibraphone, and with a female vocal duo in song format.

Ringing The Strings

Melbourne's Concordia Mandolin and Guitar Orchestra present this new recording, including music by Sculthorpe, Faure and the ensemble's own Michelle Nelson.

Brolga Dances

This new disc from the Melbourne Mandolin Orchestra showcases contemporary Australian Music for Mandolin and Guitar.


This disc from Concordia Mandolin and Guitar Ensemble draws on the more virtuosic, lively and passionate items in the repertoire of the ensemble. The idea of flight is evoked in the choice of many of the pieces, notably "The flight of the bumble bee" and "The witches". All the other pieces in one way or another echo, with their energy and vitality, the rapture of flights of fancy.


Nougat combines the talents of guitarist and composer Tania Ravbar Costantino and master mandolinist Ruth Roshan. Breathe sits on the cusp of world and classical music.

Eclectic Collection

The mandolin orchestra is very versatile. The purpose of this CD is to demonstrate something of its diversity and distinctive character.

World Music

The Melbourne Mandolin Orchestra plays a selection of music from around the world, including Latin American, Klezmer, Slavic folk dances and blues all performed by this highly accomplished group.

Step Back Sally

Traditional folk songs arranged for percussion, piano, recorder, guitar, harp, violin, mandolin and voices. An Orff influenced music education resource, to stimulate listening, dancing, moving and creating.

Salut d'Amour

A highly atmospheric and distinctively beautiful collection of pieces for mandolin orchestra.