Ros Bandt

Ros Bandt is a composer performer and sound artist who is passionate about combining ancient and modern sonic practices. Her sound research has included building a medieval Pythagorean recorder and she directs the Australian sound design project on line at the Australian centre, The University of Melbourne.

She was the first woman to be awarded the Don Banks Composers Award in 1990, and has won many international awards for installation, radio art and composition. Her innovative sound compositions, performances and environments have been constantly in demand in America, Europe and Australasia. She has a PhD in contemporary music from Monash University.

In addition to her solo work, she records and tours with two ensembles, the early music ensemble La Romanesca and the cross-cultural group Back to Back Zithers. She performs on original instruments and sculptures, as well as historical instruments, flutes, recorders, psaltery and percussion. Her compositions reflect different integrations of acoustic, live electronics and studio manipulation.

Ros Bandt's recordings go back to the last days of vinyl. Her LP record Soft and Fragile was released in 1983 and now forms part of the CD Glass and Clay. Improvisations in Acoustic Chambers appeared in 1981. La Romanesca's Love Lyrics and Romances of Renaissance Spain was released in 1980.

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Ros Bandt is featured on the following titles


In stack, composer and sound artist Ros Bandt brings to life the inner and outer sonic possibilities gleaned from the massive city stack, a fifty-five metre chimney stack designed to extract fumes from the new CITYLINK tunnel in the heart of Melbourne's underground.


Sonic Archaeologies

A new CD of Ros Bandt's works including Mungo, representing archaeology of the land and Thrausmata, an archaeology of text. These award-winning compositions were created in the studios of West Deutsche Rundfunk, Cologne.



The sound of feet traversing the earth's surface is a reminder of the impact that location has on our lives. You will never have heard anything quite like this amazing journey.



Ros Bandt explores the resonance of a large hollow concrete cylinder five stories underground in the Collins Place car park, Melbourne. Stargazer is an anthology of improvisations and compositions using recorders, psaltery, bells, cymbals, kalimba, pvc pipe and music boxes.


Glass & Clay

Ros Bandt, internationally acclaimed sound artist, composer, performer and sound sculptor, explores the subtle, shimmering and sonorous sound qualities sculpted from glass and clay instruments. Includes Soft and Fragile, originally released on LP in 1983.

Performer: Flagong, Tape, Gamelan and ceramic bells, Sampler, Mesopotamian bells, Voice, Environmental recordings

Improvisations in acoustic chambers

Environmental composer Ros Bandt first vinyl LP is now available on CD. She uses the sonorities of man-made chambers — a water tank and a wheat silo. A bamboo flute, recorders, a lute, and the human voice reverberate in large acoustic chambers. It may sound electronic, but is in fact entirely natural.


Performing as Back to Back Zithers

Back to Back Zithers are four distinguished solo composer-performers who enjoy sharing each other's traditions and skills in the process of making a new Australian music. Since 1988 they have combines their original ideas with musical thoughts from Vietnam, West Java, mediaeval France and Italy in new compositions which transcend the boundaries of East and West.

Quivering String

New Australian music from Back to Back Zithers which combines original ideas with musical thoughts from Vietnam, West Java, Mediaeval France and Italy.


Performing as La Romanesca

A leading force in early music in Australia since 1978, La Romanesca has developed a special interest in the performance of mediaeval monophonic and polyphonic song, although the group's repertory spans the twelfth to seventeenth centuries.

Via Frescobaldi

17th century Italian composer Girolamo Frescobaldi was conservative in style and yet an innovator in many ways. La Romanesca presents some of his improvisatory toccatas, imitative polyphonic instrumental music, and songs from his 'arie musicale' of 1630.

Performer: Recorders

Iberian Triangle

La Romanesca presents a portrait of the musical diversity of Spanish song in the period immediately preceding both the great expulsion and Columbus' great voyages. Music of christian, moorish, jewish Spain before 1492.

Performer: Recorder, Flute, Psaltery, Percussion, Voice


Music from 12th and 13th century Spain. Features songs by Martin Codax, Marcabru and other unknown composers.

Performer: Recorder, Flute, Psaltery, Rebec, Percussion

Love lyrics and romances of Renaissance Spain

This is the first recording by early music group La Romanesca.


Performing as Ensemble of the Fourteenth Century

The Ensemble of the Fourteenth Century is a collective of specialist singers and instrumentalists brought together for the Fourteenth Century Recording Project. The ensemble was initially formed around the leading Australian mediaeval ensemble La Romanesca, which was expanded to provide the varied instrumental and vocal combinations required by the repertoire.

I am Music - The Music of the 14th Century Vol. 3

The Music of the Fourteenth Century Series presents some of the earliest and most significant polyphonic settings of the lyric poetry of the late middle ages. Songs by Landini performed by The Ensemble of the Fourteenth Century.

Performer: Psaltery

Performing as LIME

LIME is a group of 4 composer-performers who met while studying composition and improvisation at La Trobe University in 1978.

Clay Music

LIME (Live Improvised Music Events): Gavan McCarthy, Julie Doyle, Carolyn Robb and Ros Bandt. LIME plays original music on original instruments including the glass Flagong, marimbas, Farmarimba and plumbaphone as well as pottery instruments made by Judy Lorraine.


Compositions by Ros Bandt also appear on

Move 50

A special CD to celebrate Move Records’ 50th year. Twenty-four Australian composers were invited to create a new short work for this special commemorative disc.


On the Wings of a Butterfly

Cross-cultural music by Australian composers. The latest CD from Le Tuan Hung, featuring compositions by respected Australian composers and performers including Ros Bandt, Brigid Burke, Warren Burt and Deborah Kayser, was nominated for a 2005 ARIA Award.

Performer: Dan Tranh [Vietnamese Zither], Balinese Suling

Scent Of Time

This new CD features the diverse works of six Australian composers that have taken Asian instruments and voices beyond the boundaries of their own traditions. From dan tranh to sheng, from shakuhachi to erhu, this fascinating recording is cross-cultural music at its best.

Performer: Cello

Phoenix Songs

Like the phoenix 'rising from the ashes', the recorder is presently enjoying somewhat of a renaissance itself. Six of Australia's well-known contemporary composers pair the recorder with piano, harpsichord, voice and live electronics.